Peep Hole Caution

ImageReverse Peep Hole Viewer Alert.  While serving court documents this evening and arriving at an apartment complex I observed a guy using a reverse peep hole viewer and looking inside the recipients apartment.  He saw me and walked to his apartment across the hall.  I informed the lady of my observation and advised her she should contact the police, to be careful of her male neighbor and to cover her peep hole from the inside of her apartment.

These reverse peep hole viewers are commonly used by law enforcement for legal purposes, which allows for one’s home to be viewed from outside  and are also available to the general public for cheap as $20.

Something to think about is whether at home or a hotel always cover your peep holes because there are perverts and intruders who may be watching you.

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One Comment on “Peep Hole Caution”

  1. Bill Says:

    We at SecureAview applaud you for recognizing the situation for what it was and alerting the victim. We sell peephole covers to prevent such situations.
    Thank you!

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